About Us

Finaux Alpha 6 Investment Advisors Private Limited is a SEBI registered legal entity (Sebi registration number INA100008416). We are holding a brand name by the name of “Indian Market View” through which we offers several services. Our organization is labeled to be a financial icon which offers various advisory services in relation to the growth or decay in financial instruments like Equity or security, Commodity and Currency. Our consultant after undergoing a proper analysis of Indian Stock Market in terms of both fundamentally or technically recommends a wide-ranging scenario of investment. We used to deliver intra –day, short term calls and investment calls on the basis of market news. Our corporate responsibility is to provide complete transparency in safe guarding the interest of the investors or traders. Our vision is to provide maximum satisfaction to all those investors or traders who are associated with us. Our primary motive is to earn or maximize profits with lowering the burden of losses .We believe that we have a vital responsibility to help our clients in any manner we can.We have a proven track record of past years. Our prominent scale and expertise helps us to reduce financial risks while generating new opportunities. Our business advisory enterprise progresses and offers innovative and comprehensive solutions to all those clients who have lost his hope in terms of money from this tentative stock market.

Mutual fund is a highly demanded investment vehicle which we are introducing in our services offering. We offer complete assistance to our clients depending upon their funds availability to invest. Our mutual fund plans are envisioned exclusively for regular income, tax saving, wealth creation and personal savings. Our approaches and unique strategies will help both aggressive and conservative investors to choose one of the best mutual funds to invest in.