Updates on Bullion, Base Metals, and Energy Levels (6th Feb 2020)

Updates on Bullion, Base Metals, and Energy Levels (6th Feb 2020)


Gold traded in a range amid mixed sentiments in the market. Concerns over coronavirus spread is weighing down on the prices of Base metals while supporting the prices of Gold, while China is working on controlling the spread of Virus which is supporting optimism among market participants. On the other hand, Crude oil also traded lower due to growth concerns and now impacted by the spread of Coronavirus which giving fuel to the slowdown.

Today, traders should concentrate on Unemployment claims data of the US which will have an impact on the metal and Bullions segment. If the forecast figure match with the actual data, then the possible impact are as follows:

Time & DataPrevious
Forecast figure
USD 7:00 PM: Unemployment Claims
Forecast figure is neutral for Bullions.
USD 9:00 PM: Natural Gas Storage

Forecast figure is negative for Natural Gas.

Technical Levels

Gold (April)
Image result for Gold

Support at 40030 and Resistance at 40400.

Break and close above 40400 will take it up to 40590---40700 levels in coming days or else it can come down to touch its support level of 40030 again

Buy it on dips!

Silver (March)

Image result for Silver

Support is at 45850 and resistance is at 46400.

Break and sustain above 46400 will take it to 46900—45300 or else it could test its support again. 

Buy it on dips!

Trade with the levels only.

Crude Oil (Dec)

Image result for Crude Oil

 Support at 3630 and resistance at 3720. 

If it will be unable to break and sustain below 3630, then we can expect an upside move till its resistance level of 3720 again.

Above 3720, we can see an upside move till 3800---3850 levels.

The major trend is weak, trade with a confirmation.

Trade with levels only.

Natural Gas (Feb)

Image result for Natural Gas

Support at 132.00 and resistance at 136.00.

Break and sustain below 132.00 will take it 129—126 or else it could test its resistance again.

Fresh buying can be seen only and only on a close above 136.00.

Trade with the levels only.

Copper (Feb)
Image result for Copper

Support at 433.50 and Resistance at 438.

Break and sustain above 438 will take it 442.00—445.00 or else it could test its support again.

Wait for confirmation.

Trade with the levels only.

Alumini (Feb)

Image result for aluminium

Support at 136.00 and Resistance at 138.00

Break and sustain above 138.00 will take it to 140—142 or else it could its support again.

Buy it on dips!

Trade with the levels only.

More will update soon...


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